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Corporate Services

Attending to personal tasks on company time has been made easier by the internet but is costing businesses $6.5 billion a year*.   With 75% of employees taking care of personal responsibilities on the job, keeping employees actively engaged on their work tasks can be a challenge for corporations. 

With On-Call Concierge®, you can assist your employees with creating a supportive environment that facilitates the balance between the demands of work and personal commitments.   With the convenience of a dedicated concierge team to service their needs, the everyday details that may distract them during the day are taken care of.   This in turn improves productivity and employee loyalty. 

Our corporate services are designed to give your organization the edge in today's competitive marketplace.    We can partner with you in the retention of your most important asset– productive employees.    Contact us to find out how we can increase your employee loyalty rate and provide an invaluable employee benefit to your staff.

Residential Properties
In today’s competitive environment, standing out amongst the competition is an imperative.    On-Call Concierge® can help distinguish your luxury property in the marketplace.   We can create customized plans to assist your tenants in creating lifestyle management services that will give them the freedom and time to enjoy their lives to the fullest. 

We offer a dedicated concierge team that will be on call and sure to delight your tenants with unparalled customer service.   Like in a fine hotel, On-Call Concierge® can handle almost any request.   Your concierge staff can perform a variety of services from securing theater and sporting event tickets to checking on a tenant’s elderly parent.   Let On-Call Concierge® be your partner in elevating your brand by providing a personal and elegant experience to your tenants. 


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